Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sailboats on Lake Pontchartrain

It occurred to me that I’ve posted a lot of photos of the Mississippi River, but I haven’t posted any of Lake Pontchartrain. Well, here are some pictures of the sailboats on the lake. When I was younger, my father was an active member of the Southern Yacht Club. He loved to sail. Many a Sunday he took me, and my siblings out to the club for the afternoon. Sometimes we even went sailing with him or his friends.

Breakwater Drive

Here are some photos I took along Breakwater Drive. Several folks found spots to fish in the area. Notice the remains of a pier. My guess is that Hurricane Katrina was the culprit.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Shots from the Breakwater Drive Peninsula

Here are some more shots from the Breakwater Drive peninsula. And I included a distance shot of the peninsula from the Lakefront.

Shots Near the Southern Yacht Club

Some of you will remember the overhead shots of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the flood. There was one view of the Southern Yacht Club kitchen on fire. For right now the club has a portable buil until a new building is built. These photos were taken in the parking lot near the portable.

Here's a different view of the Breakwater Drive peninsula that I will show in an upcoming post.

This is where the lighthouse used to stand.

Lakefront Steps

When I shot these photos there were barriers in the road along the Lakefront. This is my first trip out this way since I've been back from Katrina. A sign on the barriers indicated some repair work is still needed along this stretch.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Marina

Here are some pan shots of the marina at West End on Lake Pontchartrain.

West End Pan

Believe it or not this used to be a busy hub of restaurants and bars. The parking lot is still there and so are the pilings from the establishments built over water. Maybe something will be done revitalize the area.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Swimming Ducks at the West End Park Pond

A large group of ducks swam in formation back and forth across the pond at West End Park. I also took some video of them. Click on video journal to view it.

More Shots Around the Pond

These are some shots from my stroll around the pond on the eastern side of West End Park. I went on the bridge to capture some detail images.

West End Park

Here are some general shots of West End Park. There are sidewalks to different parks of the park.