Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Recent Visit to Louisiana ArtWorks

Recently I attended a discussion panel at Louisiana ArtWorks. Although the building is not entirely complete, those in attendance had a chance to be excited about what is to come when the facility is in full operation. The building eventually will house individual and group artist studios. There will be regular exhibits and a gift shop as well. Anyway, here are some photos from my recent visit there.

Downstairs at Louisiana ArtWorks

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Aunt Leni's Cafe and Market

Aunt Leni’s Café and Market is a neighborhood spot at 323 Verret Street, right next to Confetti Park in Old Algiers Point. Similar to other local eating establishments, this one grew out of a family’s involvement in the restaurant business, which is detailed in our family on the restaurant’s site. The menu includes items that span breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s plenty for kids and adults to enjoy. Folks from the area can make themselves at home in a casual relaxed atmosphere as they dine or just sip wine or coffee. In addition to the café aspect of the place, there is a market area that includes produce, dairy, sauces and soups. Here are some photos to give you a feel for Aunt Leni’s.

Front of Aunt Leni's

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Phil Sandusky Demonstration

Last month artist Phil Sandusky demonstrated portrait painting for the St. Bernard Art Guild. Phil also enjoys painting “en plein air” – outside from life. The husband of an artist member of the guild, volunteered to be the model.

Phil emphasized blocking in the big shapes first and trying to be accurate with them. He didn’t fuss with a lot of detail. Before the hour was up he had rendered a fair likeness of the model.