Monday, March 28, 2011

Krewe of Rex "This Sceptred Isle"

Finally Krewe of Rex arrived on St. Charles Avenue. The Captain and lieutenants rode on horseback. Several color guards accompanied marching men in uniform.

Hail Rex!

Soon Rex arrived in his traditional gold attire. Not far behind him was the Royal Jester float. An old horse-drawn firemen wagon rolled by
blowing bubbles.

Traditional Floats

The front of the parade featured floats that appear every year.

This Sceptred Isle

The Title Float read "This Sceptred Isle." Rex's theme this year honored England, Wales and Scotland. Floats honored the history and culture of
the three.


One float included a rabbit up front with hearts all over his costume.

Parade Stopped

The Rex parade stopped for a while. I'm assuming that the front of the parade reached the reviewing stand downtown where the Rex toasted his Queen. While the parade stopped I took a shot of the parade motionless as a band performed some dance steps.

Slay the Dragon

A knight slaying a dragon was easier to identify. I'm not sure about some of the others.