Friday, May 29, 2009

Eric Dallimore

From The Spanish Court I journeyed to the Pond Garden. Recently the Arts Council of New Orleans installed a sculpture near the Pond Garden. The work is Eric Dallimore’s “Untitled.” It’s a wave made up of wood from exteriors of different houses. The pieces of wood are painted in pastel colors. To see detailed shots visit my blog pic folio.

Other End of The Spanish Court

At the other end of The Spanish Court is a semi-circular structure with a reflecting pool fountain. By the time reached this area a group decided to have a picnic on the lawn. Some years ago I attended an outdoor wedding on this lawn.

The Spanish Court

The Spanish Court has a grassy area in the middle with a fountain at the far end. Unfortunately there was no water in the fountain that day. The gardens are located on the sides of court with various sitting areas and small fountains. See my blog pic folio for more detailed shots.

The Yellow Garden

From The Portico Garden Terrace on the south side of the house, The Yellow Garden is visible. Here are some overall shots. I’ve put more detailed ones on my blog pic folio. The Yellow Garden gives onto a space known as Spanish Court.

Monday, May 25, 2009

South Side of the House

Before entering The Yellow Garden, I decided to take some shots of The Portico Garden Terrace of the house. Here’s the right curved staircase. There are plenty of connecting walkways between the different gardens.

Exploring the East Terrace

To the left are two urns decorated with figures in relief. They sit to either side of stairs leading to a terrace. I continued to follow the walkway toward the East Lawn.

The Pan Garden

The Pan Garden is nestled in a walled space adjacent to the Dining Room of the house. A statue of Pan combined with a cast lead fountain is on the far side from the windows of the house. An outdoor table, with chairs, sits in the middle of the patio.