Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Knights of Chaos

The second parade to roll last Thursday night was the Knights of Chaos. The floats feature satirical political humor in the tradition of Momus that no longer parades. Politicians are not the only ones skewered.

Crime Scene, Jazz, City Council, Flambeauxs, Cash Mart

Grocery LIst, King Cake Baby, Mary, Flambeaux, Electric Eye

St. Henry's, Street Car, Hurricanes

Last Floats

The Knights of Babylon

Unfortunately I was late to the first parade last Thursday night. These are the only photos I managed to take of the Knights of Babylon. The weather was chilly that night.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Krewe of Ancient Druids Asks "Why?"

Wednesday’s afternoon and evening forecast was for severe thunderstorms. But then there weren’t any. The Uptown New Orleans parades moved up the schedule by forty-five minutes. The change made me miss the king’s float for this parade. But here are the majority of them. Oh, and the theme had to do with the question "Why?"