Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Riverfront View

Once back outside I took photos of the Aquarium from riverfront walkway. A dinamation dinosaur advertised the Dinosaur Adventure at the Audubon Zoo. Ida Kohlmeyer designed columns decorated the space in front.

Exiting the Aquarium

Here are a few last shots of the Gulf of Mexico section. Several were taken through a fish eye window. And of course there’s a gift shop near the lobby exit. I made a full circle.

Circling School of Fish

As I stood observing all that was going on inside the tank, I noted a school of fish that continuously circled the tank in a counter-clockwise circle. Some fish swam independently of this group. I’ve placed some of the blurrier images on my other blog pic lab.

Three Divers

While I was taking photos, three divers jumped into the tank. They interacted with the fish, sharks and sting rays. The tank was in constant motion.

Gulf of Mexico Large Tank

Earlier I posted photos of a large tank with views from the second floor. Well, here are some views of the same tank from the first floor. Fish, sharks and stingrays swim from one side of the tank to another passing through a structure meant to imitate parts of an oil rig.

Gulf of Mexico

A neon sign above a stairwell announced the next area, Gulf of Mexico. As I made my way down the stairs I enjoyed viewing a painting of sea life. Above me hung sculptures of jellyfish. The area below was dimly lit. See the jellyfish on my blog pic folio.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More of the Mississippi River

Going around the curve in the pathway, I finished up the Mississippi River section of the aquarium. Up above was a typical shack with fishing gear. In the distance I could see a sign marking stairs to the Gulf of Mexico exhibit.

Mississippi River

Once I was back in the corridor, I entered a new atrium devoted to the Mississippi River. Tanks were placed as if they were below piers among pilings. There was even an albino alligator in one of the tanks.