Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vaudechamp in New Orleans at the Williams Research Center

Tonight was a reception for the upcoming show of "Vaudechamp in New Orleans." Next Wednesday is the official signing of a book (of same name) by Author William Keyse Rudolph. The show consists primarily of New Orleans family portraits painted by Jean-Joseph Vaudechamp (1790 - 1864). Finally, the Historic New Orleans Collection is celebrating the opening of an addition to its Williams Research Center located on Chartres in the French Quarter.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Harrah's Hotel New Orleans

Last Thursday night I went with my family to the Harrah's Hotel located in Downtown New Orleans near the convention center. We had fun.

Lobby Art

As you enter the Harrah's Hotel in New Orleans this is the art that greets you. Obviously I enjoyed seeing this work. Scroll down to see more art from the lobby.

More Lobby Art

Riche by Todd English

My family treated me to dinner at the Riche restaurant at Harrah's Hotel. In spite of our familiarity with some French words on the menu we still had to ask questions. The food was very rich.


This is in the area where the 1984 New Orleans World Fair was held.