Friday, November 09, 2012

Westwego Farmers Market

The night of Saturday, November 3rd, I went to see an art exhibit at the Westwego Farmers Market. I took some photos of the space near the parking lot. There were building facades that designated the original buildings of the city of Westwego.

Center Stage

From the center stage a musician entertained the exhibitors and visitors. People sat in the grass area in front of the stage. Others wandered around the exhibition.

The Exhibition

This is the first exhibit organized a group that calls themselves the Low Budget Collective. Members of the West Bank Art Guild were invited to participate. The photos below were taken I as I circled clockwise through the market buildings.


Before leaving I stopped to look at a mosaic. It was a map of the Mississippi River showing the location of Salaville ande Westwego. I took a few photos of parts of the mosaic.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Front Hall

At the Poydras Home Art Show, my work was located in a front hall. This year I played dots in concentric circles. The paintings turned out like bullseyes. Below are some photos of the art hanging in the front hall and the side room off the hall.

Side Room

Artwork from the show was also exhibited in a room off the front hall. Below are some shots from different corners. The hall is visible in a couple of the shots.