Monday, April 27, 2009

Poydras Home Art Show and Sale

Poydras Home sits at the corner of Jefferson Avenue and Magazine Street in Uptown New Orleans. The front gate faces Magazine Street. A van selling food and drink was nearby. Inside the gate were two large tents of artists with their works. Previously there had only been one tent. Inside the building was the exhibit.

Gerry Claude

Doris Cowan

Two Tents

Here are some more shots of the two tents at the Poydras Home art show. There was plenty of room for folks to wander around and take in all the art.

In the Dining Room at the Poydras Home Art Show

It’s been a few months since the Poydras Home Art Show and Sale, but here are the photos I took on November 8th. My paintings were hung on a board near the kitchen food pass-through. When I arrived that Saturday around noon, only two of my paintings of three were up. One of them had already sold. It’s been a while since I’ve sold at this show. Considering the economy at the time, I was very grateful.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dinner at Brigtsen's Restaurant

Recently my family treated my sister to dinner at Brigten’s Restaurant, located at 723 Dante Street near in the Riverbend area of New Orleans. There were murals on the walls and decorative knickknacks all over the restaurant. I took some photos to show the atmosphere of the place. Each of us enjoyed the dishes we ordered. Some were fairly decadent too.

Brigtsen's Back Hall

Here are some more photos from the back hall of Brigtsen’s. The eclectic touches make the restaurant visually fun. I was surprised to see a mural on the restroom door. The word itself is in the design of wine bottle. Anyway, I enjoyed my dining experience.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

As Far Out as I Could Go

From here I went out as far as I could. There is work still being done on the landing. Eventually there will be a regular ferry that travels to Audubon Park on the other side of the Mississippi River. Uptown New Orleans (specifically Audubon Park) is located across the river from this landing.

Walking the Landing

Under a shelter there is a plaque dedicating the landing that includes the lyrics for the song “Lazy River” which is the name given to the landing. While I was up this way I took some photos of the levee looking in a westerly direction. Then I began to travel the walkway out toward the river.

Mississippi River Fog

From the top of the levee I took some photos of the Mississippi River covered in a layer of fog. I could see a ship in the distance. The fog grew thick and thin while I explored the landing.