Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Audubon Park at St. Charles Avenue

Leaving the fountain I went out the park gateway to St. Charles Avenue. The roads that used to lead in and out of the park are now blocked from automobile traffic. I went around the front to capture some of the details of the entrance.

Ogden Entrance Pavilion

Here are some shots of the fountain at the center of the Ogden Entrance Pavilion in the front of Audubon Park. The park faces St. Charles Avenue and Tulane University across the avenue. I walked around the fountain to capture different viewpoints.

The Travelers

Underneath the pine trees stood three statues that make a work by Deborah Masters, called “Travelers.” I took photos of them as a group and individually. From that point I crossed the track to visit the Ogden Entrance Pavilion.

Following the Curve

Again walking the track, I followed the curve toward the front of the park. The Holy Name Cathedral was fully visible at this point. I walked towards a line a pine trees near the lagoon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ascending a Hill

Leaving the bridge I saw Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral above the treetops. I ascended another hill that had a shelter. Across the track I could see a larger shelter.

Across the Bridge

So what is on the other side of the bridge? Well, I walked to the other side to briefly view the golf course. A sign had a warning about falling golf balls.

The Bridge

Next I came upon a bridge that is often used by local artists in paintings. From the middle of the bridge, I took a variety of shots around the bridge looking where I had been and where I was going. I also explord the shore and views.