Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whooping Cranes

As I walked back the entrance of the Audubon Zoo, I realized I hadn’t seen the Whooping Cranes on my last visit. So, I stopped briefly to take photos. Four ducks shared the same habitat with the whooping cranes.

Leaving the World of Primates

An orangatangs proved to be a much more cooperative subjects. The one below just sat and looked at us as we looked back. And so I finished seeing the primates.

Path to the Left

Eventually the path took a turn to the left. See photos below of the landscaping along the way. Some of the habitats were huge and sprawling, while other habitats were much smaller. Many of the primates still managed not to look at camera.

Primates in Action

As I walked by each habitat, the various primates often looked away, so their faces were not visible. It was frustrating to take their photos. I was happiest when there were no cages to hinder my photo efforts.

World Primates

Finally I explored the World of Primates. These first few shots are from the entrance area that included a waterfall. I liked the way it was landscaped.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zoofari Café

The Zoofari Café is just to the left of the Elephant Plaza.
I passed it on the way to the Dinosaur Adventure and again on the way to see the Primates. Just as I walked near the café, it began to rain hard. So, I quickly ran inside and waited until the rain stopped. Since I was starting to feel hungry I went ahead and ate supper.

Sea Lion

Last time I visited the zoo, the sea lions were locked up. This time I arrived just in time to see one sea lion fed. The sea lion cut up for us.

Exiting Popp Gardens

Before leaving the Popp Gardens I took a shots of the backside of a building across from the gardens.