Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arriving at a Gazebo

Eventually I arrived at a gazebo. It was covered in vines. The path ended there, so I had to backtrack the way I came. Along the path there was another bench in a semicircle. This one was more hidden by foliage.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden included wooden bridge across a small pond. I had to dodge a few water sprinklers. There was bench that was almost hidden in its own semicircle.

Fallen Tree

Along the way to the next garden, I found a fallen tree. It obstructed the pathway. I was fascinated with the way the trunk had splintered.

Pathway Bench

When I spotted this bench, I decided to rest a minute. The last time I rested was under the shelter in the Japanese Garden. But it wasn’t long before I was off again.


Next I found one my favorite plants, oxalis. It grew in clusters. There were plenty of blooms.

Azalea Trail

Again I was following the pathway. This time I found the Azalea Trail. There were several varieties of azaleas in bloom.

Hyndrangea Garden

So I returned to the main pathway. I soon found myself walking the paths of the Hydrangea Garden. The small trails, made up of stones, were lined with hydrangeas.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Learning Along the Trail

At the end of the Prehistoric Plant Trail there was a children’s play area. I soon found a second arch marking the exit for the trail. It brought me back to the main pathway.

Prehistoric Plant Trail

Soon I found myself in front of an arch that marked with Prehistoric Plant Trail. This section was set up for educating young folks. It included signage about the plants and individual signs for the different ferns.

Back to the Main Pathway

Again I found myself on the main pathway that connects all the gardens. Here are shots that show where I’ve been and where I’m going. Along the way I passed a meeting area constructed out of large logs.