Saturday, October 04, 2008

Kem's Restaurant

Kem’s Restaurant is open for breakfast and supper. With the deluge of hurricane evacuees at the hotel, there was a breakfast bar only in the mornings. Normally there are a host of menu items that can be ordered. Anyway, on Saturday morning I noticed the quote on the wall:

“Remember that half the things we worry about never happen, and the other half are going to happen anyway. So, why worry.”

It sort of fit my circumstance – the evacuation and all. There was another quote above the breakfast bar:

“Remember success requires half luck & half brains.”


  1. Looks like a bright, clean, lovely place. You were fortunate to have such a nice place to stay while waiting to return home.

  2. daisy:

    Also, the employees at the desk and the servers in the restaurant were very cheerful and helpful. I lucked out with this blind booking.

    Mo : )