Thursday, July 31, 2008

The PLANO Demonstration Garden

This garden includes vegetables and fruit crops planted with herbs and ornamentals.

The Cold Frames

Leaving the Conservatory, there is The Cold Frames. This garden was at one time devoted to growing bedding plants for City Park. Now it used for plant trials and plant collection displays.

Continuing through the Tropical Rain Forest

Here are some remaining shots of the Tropical Rain Forest. To see close ups go to my blog pic folio.

Tropical Rain Forest

Across from the Living Fossils is the Tropical Rain Forest. This section also has a waterfall. However, in this area there is a cave-like area for plants that do not receive as much light. There are oodles of bromeliads all over this place.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Continuing through the Living Fossils

As I made my way around the other side, I noticed a second waterfall more hidden among the plants. Look for closer shots on my blog pic folio.

Back Wall

The back wall is covered with plants.

Living Fossils

Inside the Living Fossils section, there is a circular path. The space is chock full of various ferns and palms.

Inside the Conservatory of Two Sisters

Once inside the Conservatory of Two Sisters there are two areas to explore. On the left are the Living Fossils. On the right is the Tropical Forest.

Udine in The Rose Parterre

A cast concrete sculpture named “Udine” is set in a lily pond. This piece was made by Rose Marie Huth. To either side of the pond are modern roses that make up The Rose Parterre. See more of the water lilies on my blog, pic folio.


Walking to the left from the entrance is The Conservatory of the Two Sisters. About halfway there is a sundial created by Enrique Alférez. It is cast concrete and bronze.