Friday, May 28, 2010

Jean Lafitte

The trails are located in an area known as Jean Lafitte National Park. A sign along this trail briefly describes privateer Jean Lafitte. It includes a Louisiana map showing possible smuggling routes that he and his men might have used.

Bayou Coquille

After skimming through the information on the signs marking the entrance to the Bayou Coquille Trail, I began my walk along the bank of the bayou. While making my way, I stopped to read signs giving the history of the area. Some parts of the trail were paved while other parts were raised above the ground – like the two previous trails. There were a number of couples enjoying the trail that day.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bayou Coquille Parking Lot

The Palmetto Trail ends at a parking lot for Bayou Coquille. I crossed the lot to the other side. There I found information concerning Bayou Coquille with rules about traveling the trails.

Palmetto Trail

The Palmetto Trail is 0.9 miles long and meanders a bit. I passed a few couples as well as individuals along the way. Some people had children with them too. It was between three and four in the afternoon as I traveled the trail.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Fork in the Trail

Eventually I came upon a sign marking a fork in the trail. The Visitor Trail continued to the left and the Palmetto Trail began to the right. A woman, who had just finished the Palmetto Trail, approached as I reached the sign. After talking to her briefly about which way to go, I decided to take the Palmetto Trail next.

Cypress Knees

Up ahead was a seated area around a tree. I continued on to the right. As I walked I took some general shots. The cypress tree knees were exposed since there was not a lot of water.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Visitor Center Trail

Before I did anything else I got myself a map of the area. I found out that the parking lot closes at 5 p.m. In anticipation that I might return to the entrance after five, I parked outside the gate. It wasn't long before I started walking on the Visitor Center Trail.