Thursday, December 29, 2011

Teddy Bears in the Foyer

Upon entering the teddy bear house, I saw these teddy bears in the foyer. To the left was a full length portrait of the owner, Ricky A. Lenart. In the painting he was wearing his King James costume for The Armenius Ball in 2009.

Napoleon Bathroom

Under the stairs was the Napoleon bathroom. The walls were covered in black marble. The sink involved a gold bowl with handles and faucet above it. Small busts rested on a small shelf.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stairwell Bears

The stairwell, that lead to the third floor, was lined with teddy bears. Beginning with the second floor, the walls were covered with art the owner has collected from artist friends and other local artists. I took some wide angle shots from the third floor.

Attic Teddy Bears

The third floor attic space included glass cases full of teddy bears and teddy bear related objects. Also, there were teddy bears hanging from the ceiling - in addition to track lights. It was difficult to take in all the bears at once.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jungle Bedroom

Yes, there was a jungle of teddy bears in this bedroom. From the ceiling to the floor there were teddy bears and related objects all over. It would take a lot of time to notice every single one of them.

Italian Bedroom

The second bedroom was inspired by the owner's trip to Italy. He hand painted stripes of gold and red using a sponge. Goldilocks and the three bears were on the large bed. They just caught her sleeping.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Roman Bathroom Bubble Bath

Upon opening the door to the Roman bathroom, I was greeted by a tub full of bears and a room full of bubbles. Roman arches are all over the room. A metal lion head gushed water into a sink. The floor was covered in a mosaic tile pattern.

Romeo and Juliet Bedroom

The master bedroom decor was inspired by the 1976 film "Romeo and Juliet" by Franco Zeffirelli. Naturally the bedroom included a balcony with wonderful view from the back of the house. There were also some teddy bears, including the one on the balcony - as seen from the patio.

Caught in the Shower

Apparently Pappa Bear was not informed that there was a house tour that day. He was showering in the chrome and glass bathroom on the second floor of the house. A stain glass piece hangs in front of the window.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sherlock Holmes Study

Before descending the back stairs I visited the Sherlock Holmes study. There's a sliding bookcase that slides in front of the closet and the back staircase door. The doors location affected which door I opened.

A Busy Bear Kitchen

Teddy bears in chefs hats were busy preparing all kinds of sugary goodies on the kitchen island. The countertops around the bar and sinks were also occupied by teddy bears. A few more teddy bears were located up high and down low.