Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tropical Bird House

These photos were hard to shoot given the low light and long exposure time. A few of the birds moved too. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out of juice, so I never made it to the big cats. Oh well, maybe I'll photograph the cats the next time I venture to the Memphis Zoo.

Memphis Zoological Garden

There are two of these to either side at the entrance to an section with rides. I assume this might have been part of an older entrance to the zoo at one point. Both of them sit near Penguin Rock.


Near the penguins was a habitat for some pelicans. Their swimming area was in front with small island spots scattered. A group of pelicans huddled in a back area.

Across from the Aquarium I found the penguins swimming in their habitat that is called as Penguin Rock. The rock area is surrounded by water. Penguins are always fun to watch.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wandering around the Aquarium

Here are the rest of the fish tanks as I circled around the Aquarium building. There were lots of reflections in the glass. The building was dimly lit.


The Aquarium is a small portion of the zoo with its many tanks of sea life. Still, I enjoyed seeing the various species and which ones were grouped together. Some fish love to play in the sea anemones.


The two tortoises had their heads pressed to the dirt when I visited them. I had hoped to at least take a photo of their faces. They didn’t move at all.

Dragon's Lair

The komodo dragons had an area all to themselves including a fancy entrance and beautiful garden. Neither of them moved I as strolled through their space. They were behind a clear wall – plexiglass I think.

Asian Garden

In exiting the China section of the zoo I had to pass the entrance again. As I proceeded, I viewed an Asian Garden on the left. It was a small area with a little pond and little red bridge. Since I was trying to see the penguins before closing time, I didn’t linger long.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tea Room, Endangered Species Carousel and A Taste of China

Upon exiting the area there is the Tea Room, the Endangered Species Carousel and a fast food building called A Taste of China. There’s a covered seating area outside the Tea Room. A handful of kids rode the carousel.

Near the Exit

As I exited this part of the zoo, I took these shots.