Monday, January 30, 2012

House of Bears

Ricky A. Lenart's House of Bears was all lit up for the month of December. As in previous years, there were new bears and lights to see. Touring the house at night is a different journey.

Front Porch

The porch was crowded with a pile of bears. Moving bears were visible through the front window. To either side were moving bears on drums.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dining Bears

In the Dining Room bears were all seated for big feast. Around the room were snow scenes with moving bears. The mantle was snowflake decorations.

Decorated Doorway

The doorway between the dining room and foyer was covered in lights, garlands and ornaments. I had to stop just to admire all individual items in the arrangement. It was one of the first items visible from the front door.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


The decorated foyer was an intersection for the dining room, living room, kitchen and stairs. I photographed the space from the front door and from the dining room. A large bear, wearing a king's robe, sat in a corner to the right in front of a mirror.

Living Room at Night

A rotating Christmas tree with lights captured my eye in the living room. It slowly
revolved above Christmas presents. It was surrounded by bears - some moving and some not moving.

Foyer and Up the Stairs

Before going up the stairs photographed animated bears in the foyer. From the second floor I photographed the stairs going up and the stairs going down. The lights
were dimmed.

Italian Bedroom at Night

Lamps illuminated the Italian themed bedroom. Goldilocks and the three bears hadn't moved since earlier in the day. The display cases had their own lights. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Roman Bathroom

The light was too dim in the Roman bathroom, so I was forced to use a flash. The daylight photo was much better. Still, it was fun to see the bears and the bubbles.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was dimly lit so the animated bears and Christmas lights could be appreciated. I chose not to use a flash on these shots. The number of tours had slowed.

Chrome and Glass Bathroom

Papa Bear was still taking a shower. It was harder to see everything without sunlight. There were some overhead lights.

Back to the Sherlock Holmes Study

From the back stairwell I entered the Sherlock Holmes Study. It was brightly illuminated. I took some close up and overall shots while I was there.

Back Stairs and Studio

With a brief visit to an artist's studio off the back stairwell, I climbed the stairs to take shots of the bear posters on the walls. They were easier to see without the glare of sunlight.

Busy in the Kitchen

From the den I peeked inside the kitchen to see what goodies were being made. Bears in chef hats were busy making an assortment of sweets. The kitchen island was covered from one end to the other.