Saturday, November 29, 2008

A New Orleans Feel

Inside the restaurant there were plenty of New Orleans artifacts strewn all over the walls. It felt good to be reminded of home. Although I can’t remember exactly what we ordered, I do know we enjoyed our meals. My friends headed back to New Orleans the next day. I, however stayed on a couple of weeks more to be sure things were back in working order and to avoid having to repeat an evacuation because of other storms.

Owen Brennan's Restaurant

On the Thursday after Gustav, I joined four friends at Owen Brennan’s Restaurant in Memphis. The Brennan family is known for its New Orleans restaurants. So we felt right at home at this Brennan family restaurant in Memphis. Owen Brennan’s is located in a strip mall, Oak Mall, with well known New Orlean’s Restaurant chain, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whispering Bench Allée

The last spot I visited was the Whispering Bench Allée. It runs a small corridor behind the gallery from the fountain. Thus concludes my visit to The Dixon Gallery and Gardens. As I returned to my hotel, the remains of Hurricane Gustav rolled into the Memphis area.

Behind the Gallery

Eventually I found myself behind the Gallery building. The fountain did not have any water in it. There was one more space left to view.

Garden after Garden

My journey included one garden after another. Several had statues of children. The gardens were well organized.

Exploring the Gardens

Further I went into the Formal Gardens. The pathways formed a grid. Each garden was adjacent to another one.

The Formal Gardens

From the Venus Allée, I turned to enter into the Formal Gardens. While wandering around I came upon another sculpture by Antione Poncet. It is called “Fleuriforme.”

Venus Allée

Leaving the South Lawn, I entered the Venus Allée. It is a pathway lined with tall trees and a statue of Venus at the far end. The statue stands in the center of a fountain.