Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Variations on a Fence

Walking to the rear of the building, there was an unusual fence. It was made up of separate sections that were extremely diverse in style. There were two small gates that allowed access to smaller building in back.

Dominice Gilbert, Good Bye

Along the Driveway and Around the Corner

After finishing up on the right side of the driveway, I then swung to the left to view three brightly colored sculptures. I made my way around the corner of museum building to see more pieces.

Chicasaw Garden Lamp

Simon Benetton, Punto D'Inconto

James A. Wallace Building to the Driveway

Working my from the museum stairs down driveway, there are sculptures to either side. Here are some from the right side of the driveway. Some are even placed in garden beds.

L. Brent Kington, Kinetic Sculpture, stainless steel

Metal Museum

The grounds around the Metal Museum are filled with various forms of metal arts. I will begin with the front gates and work my to the Smithy in back. Some pieces had plaques with the titles and artists of works. Others did not. There’s so much to view along the way.

To see some closer shots of the front gate, go to my blog
pic folio.

The Art Cooker III: Meat Meet Metal

The Monday before I returned home from Memphis, I visited
the National Ornamental Metal Museum. After viewing the exhibit inside, I went searching for the sculptures pictured on a flyer I was handed. The show described is called “The Art Cooker III: Meat Meet Metal.” Below I list the artist(s) and title for
each work.

Josh Avery, Tom King and Lucas Winters, The Whistling Piglet, smoker/calliope

Michael Rossi, The Marvelous Mobile Modular Hot Dog Grill, hot dog grill

Elizabeth Kronfield and Matt Wicker, Bofunk, fluted stack

Eric Ryser, Scuba Steve’s Combat-Ready Campfire Grill, portable kit with mess kits

Remy Hanemann, Gumbola, cupola-style iron furnace

Durant Thompson’s, Antique Picnic, picnic table and grill mounted on antique pickup truck

Donna Service, Curbside Service, car door and tray

On my blog pic folio, I've posted some closer shots of
these pieces.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Final Photos of Veterans Plaza

And with these last few shots I concluded my walk in Veterans Plaza. The sun was beginning to set. It was time for me to get grab a bite to eat.

Bird Bath

From the Korean War Memorial I walked to the right. I came upon a columned pavilion with a birdbath. See below for shots as I walked around the columns.