Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Art Cooker III: Meat Meet Metal

The Monday before I returned home from Memphis, I visited
the National Ornamental Metal Museum. After viewing the exhibit inside, I went searching for the sculptures pictured on a flyer I was handed. The show described is called “The Art Cooker III: Meat Meet Metal.” Below I list the artist(s) and title for
each work.

Josh Avery, Tom King and Lucas Winters, The Whistling Piglet, smoker/calliope

Michael Rossi, The Marvelous Mobile Modular Hot Dog Grill, hot dog grill

Elizabeth Kronfield and Matt Wicker, Bofunk, fluted stack

Eric Ryser, Scuba Steve’s Combat-Ready Campfire Grill, portable kit with mess kits

Remy Hanemann, Gumbola, cupola-style iron furnace

Durant Thompson’s, Antique Picnic, picnic table and grill mounted on antique pickup truck

Donna Service, Curbside Service, car door and tray

On my blog pic folio, I've posted some closer shots of
these pieces.

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