Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Tunica River Park

After Hurricane Gustav hit Louisiana, I tried my phone
machine back home in Metairie. It didn’t answer. The reports I was receiving from back home made me decide to stay longer in Memphis. Some areas, back home, had no electricity. Plumbing was questionable. Being able to find gas was questionable. Grocery shopping had to be done before returning. And law enforcement was asking residents to stay confined to
their homes.

The same day I went to Owen Brennan’s restaurant was the same day I moved from the Holiday Inn to an Extended Stay America. Since I was now staying longer, I started looking for places to go I hadn’t been before. A fraternity brother’s wife mentioned that there was a museum and river park in Tunica, Mississippi. She gave me a general idea of how to get there. Well, not knowing where I was going exactly, I had AAA give me a route to follow.

Tunica has a number of casinos that sit on separate large pieces of property. Needless to say, I did a bit of unexpected exploring along the way. However, I eventually figured out where I need to go. My photo journey begins with the Museum parking lot.

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