Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Post Katrina

In the New Orleans area we talk about the "NEW NORMAL." Some things are bouncing back and other things are gone for good. People are in an odd daze adjusting to the way things are now.

These are shots of garage and my house. I was very lucky. I had no water inside and I was able to keep my fridge.

Many folks lost everything and are gone. Others are stressed by the hurdles they face.

We're taking things day by day.


  1. I wonder how many people there are that are not coming back. Have you heard any numbers?

  2. No I have not heard any numbers offhand. There are so many variables right now that would figure into a decision. Where someone was living and what happened to their neighborhood and surrounding businesses? Does their employer still exist? Did they have flood insurance? The world as we knew it changed. We are living with a NEW NORMAL now. In New Orleans some basic services have not been restored yet.