Saturday, December 03, 2005

North Shore Art Market

Today I participated in the first North Shore Art Market in Covington, LA. Plans are to have it four times a year.

view from Boston Street

view from Gibson Street

front view of the New Orleans Art Association tent

left approach

our group

right approach

My Art

my side from front

my side from back


  1. It's just a shame that the NSAM is run by snobbish art fascists who don't abide by their website's message or their director's own words (see Inside Northside magazine.) Good luck to YOU, though. Nice work.

  2. Wow. I only participated in the first ever North Shore Art Market with a group of artists. This is the first I have heard of any issues with the North Shore Art Market.

    Since I didn’t sell any work at that show, I have not tried to show there again.

    I’m glad you like my work.