Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kelly Newsome Introduces Atelier Interactive

Last Thursday, artist Kellie Newsome introduced Chroma’s new Atelier Interactive to a group of artists at a workshop. It’s a new acrylic paint that does not dry as a plastic. This new paint is much easier to remove from paper and canvas. Different additives liquids are used to affect drying time and permanence. The workshop was held at the Westwego Art Center in Westwego, LA.

Kelly talked about the work she has created using Atelier Interactive. She discussed her experiences with the medium and the additive solutions. Also she had sample squares showing the different techniques that were possible with the paint and specific additional products.

After going over the paints and the additive solutions, she turned artists loose to experiment with the medium on paper and canvas. There were two or three artists at each table. Below are some photos I took during the workshop.

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