Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Secret Gardeners

In addition to the biennial in the New Orleans area, there were other exhibits associated with Prospect .1 New Orleans. On November 8th, 2008, I visited one such exhibit, an installation by AORTAProjects: “Community art in the post-disaster landscapes of today.” A group of artists calling themselves “The Secret Gardeners” included: Karen Abboud, Babette Beaullieu, Stacey Stansfill and Belinda Tanno. The project was titled “Growth.” The artists’ statement reads as follows:

The Secret Gardeners are constructing an environmental installation to promote awareness of life’s interconnectedness and honor the new growth sprung from a 100 year old pecan tree ravaged by the Federal levee breaks of Hurricane Katrina. Combining built and rescued/found objects with the natural components of a wildly overgrown Lakeview backyard, The Secret Gardeners are creating a space for meditation and wonderment in the midst of destruction.

Site Sponsor: Karen Abboud

My understanding is that the backyard was overgrown before the pathways were created. Follow the photos as I journey through the garden.

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