Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Annual Halloween Open House

As soon as the trick-or-treaters have finished making the rounds, the neighborhood adults gather for an annual Halloween Open House. This is Halloween New Orleans style with plenty of food and drink! And there’s a whole table devoted to desserts. The adults don their orange and black to celebrate. The traffic jam is usually in the kitchen.


  1. Hey, my name is Mark. My grandmother was Marguerite "Marge" Haik. She owned the building in Westwego that has become the Westwego Arts Center. It's where my mom grew up and my grandmother lived till her death in the mid-'90s. Many people in the area remember the building as Haik's Shoes. And that's how I happened upon your blog-- searching for "Westwego Arts Center," I happened upon your "Paint In" entries from September 1st and 5th. Thanks for posting those. It's good to see the building is being put to good use.

    I also lived in New Orleans till June 2006 after the hurricane when my parents who'd lived there their entire lives decided to move to Austin and I came to Brooklyn.

    And I used to work at the Spanish Plaza (which I see you took photos of, as well, in October) selling tickets to the Creole and Cajun Queen riverboat cruises. So the patterning of the Spanish Plaza tiles were a nice, familiar site.

    I'm also somewhat of an artist as well. I went to Pratt (an art school in Brooklyn) for a year before switching majors to psychology. I'm now in a masters program for Psych at NYU. I don't paint much anymore, but here are the the three most recent paintings I've done (for my aunt and cousin who paid me on commission):

  2. Hey Mark, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the Westwego Art Center. We are very excited to have such a wonderful facility where we can meet, show and work. Thank you for posting. Don’t be stranger.

    Mo : )