Friday, February 15, 2008

Krewe of Hermes on St. Charles Avenue

The Krewe of Hermes was the first of four parades on Friday night, February 1, 2008. Normally there would have been just three parades, but it rained on Thursday night causing the Krewe of Muses to postpone parading until Friday night. Certain parts of the Hermes floats shook as they traveled. Traditional Mardi Gras floats dot that. The theme was “Cupid & Psyche.”

King Hermes

This helicopter flew rather low. I guess it was easier to see through the oak trees along St. Charles Avenue.

This medallion bead was supposed to blink, but the battery wasn't doing its job.


  1. Hi, I just got back from Mardi Gras, and I was admiring your photography. I wanted to share my cool medallion bead photo, but not sure if my URL will work:

  2. ~va:

    Thank you.

    The URL worked. It gave me a download. That is a fancy medallion.

    'Hope you had a good Mardi Gras experience.

    Mo : )